Learning from the past

Its so exciting writing again. Hope you’ve been learning from my study tips series. 

Yeah a lot of people are writing third term exams now and that actually prompted all the study tips. However, even if there is no exam at hand, it does help to have all that information for future purpose. After all, no knowledge is wasted. 

So I will talk about using past question papers to study today. Although there are different opinions about this,  but if your ultimate intention is to study and not to look for a shortcut, then studying using past question papers is a very exciting way to study.

Question paper review are a way of stimulating your brain and memory. After you have studied a subject, a review of questions will help you to know how much you have really understood. If you can’t answer questions from a subject or topic you just recently read, it simply means you haven’t read them well. It helps to check how much you have actually read,your strenght and weak point on a particular subject. 

Reading may get boring and you may start feeling sleepy, tired or distracted, at that point, pick up question papers and try to work out the answers, you all be amazed at how alert you will become

 Another purpose of question paper review is that it helps you to anticipate what your own exam is likely to be about. You can deduce the style of questions that will be asked. For example, you find out that some lecturers use some particularly phrase e.g. ‘elaborate’ ‘explain’, ‘discuss with diagrams’, ‘defend your answers’, etc. Looking through past question helps you to know how to impress the examiners and you make sure you are more than prepared for the questions you will likely meet in exams. 

Then , there is an old wise saying that Practice makes Perfection. Working with past question papers can help you to practice and even simulate a exam condition for yourself. That way you will be able to practice and allocate time to yourself like the real exam condition. With more practices, you get better, faster and more familiar with the exam condition. And on the exam day, you are most likely going to have a walk in the park with your papers. 


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