STUDY TIPS:Study Groups 

Priority matters a lot. You have got an exam to write and pass. Some other activities in your life can wait for now. You may have to give up clubbing / social outings for a while so as to use those time for your studies. Don’t worry, there are a lot of fun ahead of you. 

You need to also set up or join Study group at this time. Remember that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. If you really want to know your subjects well, then do join up with some friends and discuss topics together. Share what you know and let them share theirs. For example,  one person may have  a simple acronym to recall a long article while another person understand a procedure that looks so complicated.

Sharing and discussing together in a Study group helps develop your confidence. Moreover you can ask any ‘silly’question, you know those question you couldn’t ask in the class so as not to appear so dull. Since you are with your friends and colleagues, you can ask questions more confidently and share ideas. 

Like personal timetable, Study groups will be more successful when it is scheduled, planned and members adhere to the purpose of the group. So choose yours wisely. 


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